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11 HEALTH HABITS you’re getting wrong... & HOW TO FIX THEM

1 You buy low-fat food... but don’t check the label It’s good to limit your intake of unhealthy fats. But in order to remove fat without losing taste, many companies add extra salt, sugar and additives to ‘low-fat’ foods, which can make them less healthy and more calorific than the ‘regular’ version.

Always read ingredient lists and labels to check that low-fat versions of foods actually do contain fewer calories than their ‘regular’ counterparts.

Alcohol can dry the mouth and reduce its ability to produce healthy saliva – your body’s own defence against germs in the mouth. Dentist Dr Harold Katz () says, ‘Bad

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Where To Find Vitamin B12
1 Meat and fish, such as beef, salmon and cod. 2 Dairy foods – milk, cheese, eggs (less in goat’s milk or cheese). 3 Some fortified breakfast cereals (read the label). 4 If you’re vegan, look for B12-fortified drinks or yeast extract; and more infor
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Susan Hughes, 53, lives in Stone, Staffordshire For most of my working life, I was a nurse, which I loved. But, in 2006, I chose to leave to stay at home and raise my three sons. Then, aged 42, I had another son, so I was always busy! I was glad I
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BEATING BACK PAIN – What The Experts Want You To Know
Most backache gets better on its own within weeks, but even with longer-lasting or recurrent pain, an operation won’t often help. Exercise and non-surgical spinal treatments are usually more successful. ‘Surgery isn’t off the table completely,’ says