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The Writer’s Field Guide to Editors

Spend enough time in the freelance trenches, and you’ll find yourself working for an eclectic array of editors. If you’re lucky, the majority will be talented individuals who have your best interests at heart, work hard on your behalf, and use their skills to make your words shine.

Unfortunately, not all editors epitomize the ideal. Some are quirky, difficult to work with, and sometimes just plain weird. Here’s a guide to the different kinds of editors you’re likely to encounter in the wilds of freelancing and how to work with them.

Typically short on details when making an assignment, the Withholder can be among the most frustrating editors a writer will work

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1 “I work in a tree. I started years ago when I had a house full of kids who needed me to be nearby and our house did not have space for a room of my own. I’ve kept using my treehouse office every spring, summer, and fall because I love being outside