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Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

When I started as the new editor-in-chief of , I titled my first Editor’s Letter “.” The Latin phrase means “into the middle of things,” and in that letter I described a plan to carry on the

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Breaking Into a “Secret Genre”—on Creative Nonfiction
“When I talk to students, especially younger students,” says Creative Nonfiction founder and editor Lee Gutkind, “they have no idea that creative nonfiction hasn’t been around forever. But it hasn’t. It had existed before, but never as a genre. It wa
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The Promise of Premise
In a business in which irony is a useful tool, it is perhaps unsettling to realize that the term premise—unarguably one of the fundamental elements of storytelling—is so frequently misunderstood and misused within the universal writing conversation.
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Poetic Asides
The zejel is an old Spanish poetic form that may also be an older Arabic poetic form—dating back to the ninth century. In fact, Edward Hirsch’s A Poet’s Glossary reports that the form may have been invented by Hispano-Muslim poet Muqaddam iben Muafá.