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In defence of the Sussexes

The comments about Harry and Meghan are obviously coming from people who’ve never been discriminated against (YOU Say, 6 February). It’s emotionally draining to feel constantly that you’re an outsider and never good enough and don’t

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Political Powerhouse
SHE was only 18 and it felt as if her world had been kicked out from under her. Stacey Abrams was getting her first taste of heartache: her boyfriend, Chad, told her he no longer wanted to go out with her. But rather than wallowing in a pity fest, S
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WHATAN ADORABLE PAIR Former One Directioner Harry Styles frolicked on the beach with his onscreen wife, The Crown’s Emma Corrin, while shooting their upcoming period drama, My Policeman, on Brighton beach in the UK. EMILY’S BACK! Lily Collins stood
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Five Quick Questions
1〉 Which South African cricketer was nicknamed “White Lightning” for his record-breaking bowling skills? 2〉 In which country is St Basil’s Cathedral? 3〉 What is the national sport of Japan? 4〉 What type of animal is Baloo in The Jungle Book? 5〉