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In defence of the Sussexes

The comments about Harry and Meghan are obviously coming from people who’ve never been discriminated against (YOU Say, 6 February). It’s emotionally draining to feel constantly that you’re an outsider and never good enough and don’t

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Truths About Taurus
■ They’re down-to-earth and practical realists ■ They sleep well at night when their finances are sorted out ■ Sensuality and good food are vital to their well-being ■ They’re driven by their intense need for stability and security ■ They thrive when
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Art Of The Home
Dewet De Villiers of online décor shop Knus shares some advice. ■ Look for a piece that will add character and soul to your home – usually a work that immediately grabs your attention when you see it for the first time. ■ Make sure your prints are pr
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Daddy’s Girl
Actor CRAIG URBANI loves his new role as a laid-back bar owner in popular M-Net telenovela Legacy. He describes his character as a fun guy who also plays a fatherly role to his young employees. “We’re similar in that we handle situations with a bit o