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Sit down with a new MBA graduate for an hour, as NZBusiness did, and you’ll quickly appreciate the profound impact that the ‘Master of Business Administration’ can have on people’s lives and careers. Disregard its somewhat archaic title and the fact that it’s been around since 1908 (when Harvard established the first programme based on Frederick Winslow Taylor's scientific management), today the MBA still represents the ultimate business qualification for people aiming for the highest echelons of business and personal achievement.

As Ken Lee, director, MBA and Professional Masters at AUT explains, people considering postgraduate study in business have typically decided to take their education and career to the next level, and for middle to senior managers the logical step is an MBA. It can fast-track careers and open doors to entirely new career opportunities.

Lee points out, and this is reflected in recent graduate Sharn Piper’s profile (see opposite page), the MBA also reflects the needs of

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