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James Hurman of Previously Unavailable is the author of an October 2016 comprehensive report on corporate innovation called Big I Little I, done in association with ATEED.

The report noted that innovation was not easy, and the study sought to understand the difficulties and uncover clues

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A New Approach
There’s no denying that the pandemic has affected how people interact, says Cheryl Adamson, GM of the Parnell Business Association. “This will have an impact on the way we approach space, work and the workplace. “Covid-19 has accelerated what may hav
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Tell Better Stories To Stand Out From The Crowd
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I stand out from the crowd?”, “How do I cut through all the noise and attract customers who want to buy my product or service?”, or “How do I build a personal or business brand?” – telling better stories is the
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Leading From The Front
Over the last few months, I have seen some great examples of senior managers leading from the front in terms of their company’s diversity initiatives, rather than just ensuring that relevant boxes are ticked or leaving things to HR or a diversity rep