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With a background in social work and supervision, Reona Jarvis, Practice Manager at Monte Cecilia Housing Trust, had a passion for developing people but began to realise that there was something lacking with traditional supervision. She knew a change of strategy and new tools were needed for her to become a more effective

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Optimising Your Home Network
Ultrafast broadband proved its worth in 2020. As the nation went into various levels of lockdown our broadband network kept us all working. Video calling meant we stayed in touch at a time when physical meetings weren’t possible. Reliable broadband m
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 4 minsComputers
Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Makes Business Sense
Bitcoin was the world’s first widely adopted cryptocurrency, designed to allow people to directly send money to anyone, anywhere. This type of transaction is known as “peer-to-peer”. In other words, Bitcoin allows you to pay Alice or Bob directly, n
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The Myth of the Fair CPI Increase
Let’s forget for a moment the fact that CPI doesn’t always move positively and consistently upwards – over the last 5 years it’s ranged between 0.5% and 2.5%, while the remuneration market movement has remained at a reasonably steady 2 – 3%. Remunera