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Bundaberg bothers Joseph and Harold Toft were widely credited with revolutionising Australia’s sugar cane industry with the development of the country’s first sugar cane harvester in the early 1940s.

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Winners Named
A quick power take-off (PTO) connection, an ISOBUS management system and a precision spray control system have been named as America’s most innovative ag technologies for 2020. The three innovations were awarded the Davidson Prize by the American Soc
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Timing For Tanks
With diesel prices lower than they’ve been for at least the last decade, many farmers are looking to stock up for the winter months – and a new storage solution might be able to help. Australian tank manufacturer Polymaster’s new Essential Bulk Diese
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Weed Spotter
Goldacres has announced a partnership with tech-company Bilberry, which will see its products fitted with weedsensing camera systems. Bilberry, a French startup founded in 2015, will supply the weed-sensing camera system and Goldacres will work with