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In a world where 1 in 4 employees quits within 90 days, how do you hang on to your best and brightest? Software company Mobile Jazz has come up with a winning formula which any company can follow - even if they don’t have the financial firepower of Facebook or Google.

At a time of near-full employment, with a booming gig economy and a scarcity of digital skills, it’s becoming harder and harder to cling on to talented staff. Research from LinkedIn shows the average global staff turnover rate is now 10.9 percent, and over 1 in 4 employees quit within the first 90 days of their new role.

For employers, this trend is potentially disastrous. If someone new quits, it paints a picture of discontent within the company and can destabilise more senior employees. If the resignee is a longstanding member of the team, they take a huge bank of knowledge with them, which will take

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