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It is well known that everything in life changes and the only constant thing is change per se. So, in order for organisations to survive, prosper and remain competitive, they need to change. Much has been written about the role of leaders to bring about change (radical and incremental) to their organisations. Nonetheless, few explored how leaders can lead a dual transformation type of change. Here, the author will shed light on and discuss the challenges encounter leaders who lead dual transformation.

Dual transformation is a type of change when two major transformations are being undertaken Apple is a good example of this. In 2007, Steve Jobs has led Apple, through dual transformation, to be ahead of the game. Apple developed their core business by introducing new Mac computers that massively increased its market share (Transformation A). Simultaneously, Apple penetrated a new business by launching its revolutionary iPhone that changed the way people use and perceive the value of mobile devices (Transformation B).

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About the Author
Dr.Dr.hc. (mult) PETER LORANGE, Chairman, Lorange Network, Emeritus President IMD (Lausanne). After having sold his shipping company in 2006, Peter has been regarded as one of the world’s foremost business school academics, holding the position of Pr