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t last, the beast of bedlam rises again from the mist. Its elegant form glinting in the sunlight, as those charged rays sheen across its metallic surface.

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PC PowerplayLeitura de 2 mins
Building Better Backups
Reinstalling is, or should be, a last resort – and if you ever come to the point where you absolutely have to reinstall Windows and don’t have copies of your files, it might be too late. A hardware failure, a cryptographic malware attack, whatever th
PC PowerplayLeitura de 1 mins
Steven Messner
Metro Exodus is haunting and the atmosphere of its various open world zones is superb. The shooting is still a bit clunky, the stealth downright sucks and the story isn’t great, but few games so vividly imagine life after a nuclear apocalypse. Tradin
PC PowerplayLeitura de 1 mins
Andy Kelly
After releasing thrilling horror anthology Stories Untold, indie studio No Code upped the ante with this atmospheric sci-fi thriller. Set aboard an intricately realised space station, Observation sees you playing as an AI that has somehow become sent