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Urinary incontinence (UI), the involuntary passage of urine, is not only something that happens as we age; it can also be an indication of more serious health

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It’s Really Not About Age – IT’S ABOUT ATTITUDE
KIM POTGIETER, CFP® REGISTERED FINANCIAL LIFE PLANNER AND PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED COACH. If you, like me, were born between 1965 and 1980, or thereabouts, you’re a Generation Xer, and the first of our generation will soon reach the early retirement ag
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This is Longevity’s Best in Aging Survey: Personalised Beauty and Aesthetics Edition. The comprehensive and digitally driven assessment was completed voluntarily by a number of local general practitioners, dermatologists, medical-industry professiona
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What The Law Says
The Constitutional Court has ruled unambiguously that adults may, for their personal use, use, possess, cultivate and use cannabis in private. The purchase and sale of cannabis remains illegal, unless done in accordance with the Medicines Act. To be