Goin’ In

Every great team has characters. The best teams have a roster full of them, players with distinct skill sets and personalities that make their on-court success that much more memorable.

All of which is to say, you could build a binge-worthy Netflix hit around the 2018-19 lineup at IMG Academy.

Characters? This squad has a full cast, with a starting 5 that hails from five states (and Australia—we’ll explain in a minute). Some of them are talkers, some keep mostly to themselves. Some are serious, some stay with the jokes. They’ve got a paint-eating big man, an explosive point god and an array of versatile inside-out athletes. Sit them down together for a group conversation, and you’ll see the differences come out.

But get them on the court together, and you’ll quickly see what they have in common.

“I came here because I wanted to be around like-minded people, people that have

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