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e love a gadget here at MusicTech: something to take you away from your DAW, but still make some noise with; something you can express all those ideas with while on the bus, train or tube; something you can transport around in the comfort and safety of your own pocket, which allows you to program beats, play melodies, or record your vocals whenever, wherever and however. Recent years of progress in the world of music technology

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FROM $289 The journey to creating the G12 Retro Guitar Mic began with a request from Kevin Shirley, engineer to Iron Maiden and Joe Bonamassa, to build a microphone that simplified guitar-amp recording. Answering that request was studio musician and
Music Tech FocusLeitura de 6 mins
Back To Basics Part Five: Introducing Keyboards In Ableton Live
Sometimes a keyboard part is about performance, sometimes it’s about using other techniques to make an interesting sound and then a musical part from a less-than-exciting source sample. It really doesn’t matter if you’re not one of the all-time great
Music Tech FocusLeitura de 6 mins
Using Midi Keyboards In Ableton Live
The good old MIDI keyboard might seem a tad redundant when we have so many high-tech ways to control Live, but it can still be one of our best friends. Unlike Push, for example, a keyboard simply works with any music software – and maybe with iOS and