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Price £285


Key Features

Over 12,000 inspiring sounds

Audio Import

Over 400 new DSP waveforms

Wavetable synthesis

58 FX units

Since its release in 2008, Omnisphere has proved itself to be one of the most consistently useful and versatile software instruments. Its success is testament to both the wealth of included sound content that you’d expect from a Spectrasonics product, and also the surprising amount of raw synthesis power packaged into Omnisphere’s sound engine. From its Granular Synthesis modes through to the complex rate-level envelope generators, there’s plenty to keep the avid knob-twiddler happy. Yet despite this apparent complexity, Omnisphere is an immediate and easy-to-use instrument packed full of greatsounding patches!

New generation

Now it’s 2016 and Spectrasonics has taken a long hard look at Omnisphere and developed the next generation of its cutting-edge synthesiser – Omnisphere

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