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Kit iM1

Manufacturer Korg

Price £14.99


Korg UK/App store


Tel: +44-190-8304600




iOS 8 or later

Key Features

Runs on: iPad Gen3/4, Air 1/2, mini 1/2/3

Polyphony: 2 to 64 notes, depending on iPad (Air 2 = 64)

Modes: Combo plus 8-part multi

Sounds: up to 3,300 with expansion cards (450 without)

Performance: via MIDI keyboard, touch Kaoss and keyboard

’m actually shaking a little bit while writing this. Just a tiny bit. I’m reviewing Korg’s iM1 – the ‘M1 synth for the iPad’ – and have hit ‘that’ Universe preset. Suddenly, I’m instantly transported back to my music technology college 25 years ago, to the midst of a ‘frankly rather ridiculous, but still bugs me more than I care to admit’ argument over which company made the first synth workstation. Was rig every week and basically soundtracking an entire generation. The other ended up in the second-hand pages of a magazine. (I got £150 for it, if you must ask – just over a tenth of the student grant I spent on it).

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