Music Tech Focus



Manufacturer Output

Price £159


■ Key Features

500 Pulse Instruments

40GB of content

Looper, step sequencers, arpeggiators, LFOs

4 central MACRO sliders

Output first came to our attention with REV, an intriguing Kontakt-based virtual instrument, focused solely on the idea of reversed sounds. By concentrating on a niche sound type, Output could develop a wealth of content and a custom-designed interface that really addressed the ‘reverse’ concept. As such, REV was both a beautifully designed instrument and an inspiring tool with a wealth of musical potential. Having made such a promising start with REV, though, how could Output further define its unique approach to virtual instrument design?

SIGNAL is Output’s latest offering, this time shifting its focus towards ‘pulsing’ sounds – whether it’s a chugging synth bass, abstract glitching effects, or swirling arpeggios., as well as being a popular musical element in a range of electronic styles.

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