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Winter dining destinations to visit

This down-to-earth eatery with its contemporary steakhouse-style menu is a must for ribsticking nosh. Owner Rudi Minnaar is The pork belly has fans all over the city and the sirloin is one of the best in the biz.

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TECH-NO! Make your bedroom a digital-detox zone. The blue light emitted by tablets and smartphones causes your brain to produce less melatonin, making it much harder to get to sleep. FOOD FOR THOUGHT Spicy or fatty foods can lead to heartburn, made
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By now, we all know that friendship is just as essential, and worthy of our attention, as any other form of love. Maybe it’s the influx of books and TV that celebrate female friendship – think Netflix’s Someone Great and Dolly Alderton’s book Everyth
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MEGHAN WERNER @theonista
Originally from New Mexico in the US, Meghan studied public health and policy at Johns Hopkins University before moving to Lesotho to work in the public-health field. In 2011 she headed to Cape Town with plans of travelling further, and never left. A