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Taurus Lento Cuina 968210, R1 500

he capacity is big, so it’s suitable for a large family. It has a white ceramic bowl, which looks good enough to take straight to the table for serving. The heat settings have a time range between two and 20 hours, with a default of six hours for the high setting and eight for low. Once the cooking

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The Goods
It’s been quite a change in mind-set not having to get dressed to go into the office each morning. I’ve been grateful for comfortable clothes, like my blue-and-white-striped cotton shirt from Miladys. It has a bit of a holiday feel about it too – a n
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Can The Real Moms Please Stand ?
The thing is, I never wanted to be class rep in the first place. I wanted to get out of that stuffy classroom and drink wine with my girlfriends, but it had become evident that the teacher was not going to let us leave the meeting till at least two p
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101 Updates & DIY Ideas
1 NAP NOOK This amazing DIY project transformed a tricky under-stair spot into a spacious chill zone. To do it yourself, measure up the seating area for both the plywood base and the foam for the cushions. TIP: To prevent any gaps (and an awkward ins