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22 MAY – 21 JUNE


A self-worth wobble highlights the need to address issues you’ve ignored. Luckily, positive feedback from others helps you keep things in perspective. On the financial side, be proactive about reducing debt.


Although you think you know what you want, you could change your mind, so don’t do anything yet. From the 19th, be moneywise and make sensible choices.

SELF-CARE Listen to the urge to slow down and feed your soul.

PERSONALITY The engaging Gemini woman thrives on communicating and connecting. Quick-minded and endlessly curious, she requires constant mental stimulation and has a mischievous sense of humour. Her youthful, eclectic style favours bright colours and fun jewellery. A stimulating parent and partner, she seeks a mate who is a twin soul.

A fast learner, she finds her

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