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Contracting malaria while on holiday in Tanzania, judge was hit by the disease in 2010; Hollywood actor caught a rare form of it, and late US president John F Kennedy picked it up while stationed in the Pacific during

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Girls On Fire
GROWING up some of us wanted to be singers, teachers or lawyers, but for these successful young women, what they will be doesn’t come into the equation – because they already are! Beyoncé said it, and we all believe it – GIRLS are running this world,
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Pay It Forward
AT the moment Goseame does not have any official sponsorships; most of the small initiatives are funded by Michaela or through donations from community members. They are urgently looking for businesses to come on board and work with them to help peop
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Pensioner’s Revenge
Little of note happens in the sleepy municipality of Schwalmtal in western Germany, so when a 71-year-old local man killed two lawyers and a property surveyor in the summer of 2009, the community was absolutely stunned. Named by locals only as ‘Hans