“To have excellent communication skills you have to understand yourself very well.”

Ben Foote has used his marketing chops to climb the ranks more than once. At Optus, he began as a product marketing manager before taking the reins as strategy and insights general manager. Following that, he spent six years at Career One, where he began as director of marketing and communications before a promotion to chief operating officer and finally a two-year tenure as CEO.

Today, he’s CEO at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and Group CEO of its parent company Scentia. He offers advice for business leaders on how marketing skills and a solid understanding of customers can be used for company growth on an organisational level and career success on a personal level.

A marketing professional who’s made it to upper management time and again and now leads a company that develops marketing courses for future success? He just may be the perfect person to hear from in a mag issue all about careers and skills.

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