Seoul Metropolitan Government Conducts an Urban Revitalization Project Through a New System

At the 20th Architect Congress Meeting held on Dec. 10, 2019, representatives of Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced their conditional acceptance of an architecture plan entitled ‘Urban Maintenance Redevelopment Project for 15 and 16 Districts in Gongpyeong-dong’ (hereinafter Gongpyeong-dong Project). The condition given by the congress included improvements to the facades of the high-rise buildings

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Mending Spaces: ‘Double Curly Loop’
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On The Boundary Between Human And Environment: ‘Equilibrium’
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Bang Yukyung (Bang): Your third book came out nine years after the publication of New Imagination of Urban Architecture (2009) and Street Corner Architecture (2012). What story did you hope to add? Sung Hong Kim (Kim): I wrote my first book to point