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The question is, do we start with a history lesson or do we start with a truck story? It’s not really a question as I’m the one writing this and you guys have to read it no matter where I start. Therefore, I’m choosing to start somewhere in the middle, the middle of Queensland. The middle of nowhere really, in a town called Injune.

“The doctors found he was leaking Mack gearbox oil rather than blood.”

It’s not exactly a vital part of the story, considering the man who owns this stunning Mack Super-Liner isn’t from there and the man the Mack Super-Liner is dedicated to isn’t from there either.

I’m nothing if not a confusing writer though, so we are starting in Injune because it’s there that Dennis Kelly happened to have stopped for smoko almost a decade ago and saw the old 1988 MKII Super-Liner looking well worked in a local’s yard.

It seemed like destiny. Dennis had always wanted to have a Super-Liner and here one was sitting there as he enjoyed his smoko. Surely it was meant to be.

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