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The National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo has become

Australia’s largest platform for earthmoving equipment manufacturers, distributors and service providers to introduce, show and demonstrate their innovations in one exciting and convenient location.

Manufacturers from all over the world, including event gold sponsor Komatsu, have chosen

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Supplementary Work Diary Extended
THE TIME LIMIT that heavy vehicle truck drivers may use a supplementary work diary record has been extended. From April 1, truck drivers can use supplementary records for up to 30 driver business days, compared to the current seven day limit, the Nat
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Meaty Big V8s
THE PREVIOUS few days had been particularly busy for Ken Zambonetti. Even busier than usual as a run of stockyard sales arrived in quick succession throughout Western Australia’s southern pocket, creating a spike in calls from farmers and feedlots. S
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Benefit By Association
IN FEBRUARY the National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) held its conference and annual general meeting in Dubbo. The previous AGM had been held in Rockhampton and I had been unable to attend. Dubbo had been chosen as the site of the next AGM and