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Fabrizio Lenci is an architect, art director and illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. Ten years ago he lost his father tragically and

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Treadlie Street
Who? Samuel J Eidelson. Occupation? Unpublished poet. Wearing? The same thing for over a week now: carpenter’s denims, Rossi work boots, a beat-up straw cowboy hat and Dad’s old singlet. Your bike? Since I was a kid I always thought of myself as s
Treadlie MagazineLeitura de 6 minsAutomotive
Mountain bikes have come a long way from their origins in the hills of Marin County, California in the 1970s. Beginning as modified cruisers, the bikes were known as ‘ballooners’ after their wide tyres, and were notable for their sturdy, old-fashione
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Mind Matter
The year of the last official Indian Pacific Wheel Race was Abdullah Zeinab’s first taste of endurance cycling. It was 2017 and Abdullah had made the progression from riding his fixie to work every day to a few long-distance rides to his home town of