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When there's an invention as clever as the GoBone, it's worth going through the hassle to get your hands on one (it doesn't ship direct

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Product Picks
To translate the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle to your dog, there’s Addiction Zen to turn to. The food formula does not include meat protein, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Instead, it offers vegetable proteins to provide a holistic, w
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Here’s To New Beginnings!
Dog people are loving this! Major, a two-year-old rescue dog will be moving to the US White House in January this year. His owners are US President-elect Biden and his wife, Dr Jill Biden. Major’s new residency is of particular interest, as the Germa
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Coronavirus: Sniffer Dogs As Covid-19 Detectors
HELSINKI, FINLAND: While sniffer dogs are a familiar sight at airports all over the world, some are now being deployed to sniff out Covid-19. Since late September, international arrivals at Finland’s Helsinki-Vantaa airport have been offered a volunt