The coronavirus’ blow to globalization

S AMERICANS TRY to decide whether they’re too worried about coronavirus or not worried enough, fears of recession have shifted Washington into action. Congress appears poised to approve billions of dollars in emergency funding. On March 3, the Federal Reserve chipped in with an emergency interest-rate cut of half a percentage point, the biggest such cut since the 2008 financial crisis. The Fed’s hope is to limit economic damage inflicted by

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Hospitals Brace For a Patient Surge
AS ITALIAN HOSPITALS BUCKLED under an influx of patients sick from the novel coronavirus, American medical professionals and public officials looked on with growing alarm. At the current infection rate, the U.S. health care infrastructure could soon
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For the Record
Number of hand-sanitizer bottles hoarded by two Tennessee brothers in a failed resale effort; they gave their stash away, much of it to a local church, on March 15 after attracting national scorn Year Russian President Vladimir Putin would have to st
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As Streamers Go To War, Disney Arms Hulu
THE FUTURE OF PRESTIGE TV MAY BE UNwritten, but if the present is any indication, it will involve a lot of female-fronted book adaptations from Reese Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine. HBO’s Big Little Lies set the template, casting Witherspoon, N