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NAD says that its newest ‘Masters Series’ product, the NAD M33 BluOS DAC/amplifier, is the first integrated component to feature ‘Eigentakt’ Class-D amplifier technology from Danish manufacturer Purifi

Rated with an output of 200-watts per channel, the new Class-D amplifier is said to be ‘ultra-quiet’ as well as powerful. Purifimay, Lars Risbo, Peter Lyngdorf, Kim Madsen, Soren Poulsen, and Carsten Tinggaard. The ‘eignentakt’ (it means ‘self-clocking’ or ‘self-oscillating’) circuit is a hybrid circuit that Putzeys takes pains to point out is: ‘a fully analogue design with a loop structure that enables better control of the closed loop frequency response so it’s dead flat in the audio band then rolls off in a fully controlled manner with a sensible –3dB point at 60kH

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