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K-300i integrated amplifier continues to gather momentum. A week does not go by without a journalist or a reviewer somewhere in the world giving this amplifier the thumbsup. It’s also been named ‘Amplifier magazine, and ’Exceptional Value Product of the Year’ by .

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New Norstone Distributor
Famous French audio/video furniture/stand manufacturer NorStone has appointed Indi Imports as its new distributor for Australia, and the change of distributor has seen the range available increase and the prices on many models reduced. ‘Like anything
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Laboratory Test Report
Newport Test Labs first measured the frequency response of the KEF KF92 in a room, using pink noise as the test stimulus, with the EQ setting set to ‘Room’, the result of which is shown in Graph 1. The black trace on this graph shows the response wit
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Today there are two primary sources of music for most music enthusiasts—vinyl and streaming. Interestingly, more people appear to be aware of the performance differences in turntables this time around than there were when they were popular the first