amateurish than jittery video footage, but the equipment the pros use to ensure smooth shooting can be both pricey and bulky. The RedDog R1 is a compact three-axis gimbal stabiliser from tripod-maker Benro

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Hints And Blurs
Back in early 2018 when he was interviewed for sister magazine, ProPhoto, Stuart Spence talked about his move into what could loosely be described as fine-art photography. He was, however, reluctant to call himself a fine-art photographer and thought
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One Size Fits All
Big camera or small camera? What’s your preference? There’s no question that plenty of photographers rank many other things ahead of a camera size, especially if they’ve been used to using a higher-end DSLR with a full-frame sensor. It’s equally true
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SAMYANG AF 85mm f/1.4 RF $1,399
Format: Full-frame digital sensors. The focal length is equivalent to 127.5mm on an APS-C format sensor (with a 1.5x focal length magnification factor). Angle-of-View: 28.9 degrees (diagonal on 35mm). Construction: 11 elements/8 groups. Minimum Focus