Courage is the savior that marches alongside us when fear shows up. It can inspire bursts of boldness that help us speak our minds, follow our hearts, and bare our souls to others. Without it, we can’t grow or thrive.

Sometimes we get caught

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MindfulLeitura de 3 minsPsychology
The Heart of Humility
STEPHANIE DOMET: How can mindfulness help us work with failure and shame? VINNY FERRARO: Mindfulness can help interrupt the shame response that can overwhelm us with its historic baggage. Mindfulness brings me back to the present moment and helps me
MindfulLeitura de 2 minsPsychology
Episode: “The Science of Resilience (Dr. Jonathan Fisher)” Cardiologist and meditation teacher Dr. Jonathan Fisher wants us to consider how we’re taking care of our hearts. He isn’t strictly referring to the physical organ, but also to our minds and
MindfulLeitura de 5 minsFashion
Sewing Lessons
I love clothing. And shopping. But shopping for clothing has rarely been a pleasure. I’ve always been hard to fit—short and fat, with a large differential in my waist and hip measurements. So pants that fit my hips gape at the waist and trail well pa