The Biscuit

Staying put for Pepper

epper’s story starts off as one of sadness, but like other stories at our shelter, ends in a happily furever after. When Pepper’s owner got

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The BiscuitLeitura de 1 mins
Green Tree Python
Type: Reptile Diet: Carnivorous Colour: When mature they’re emerald green in colour with a yellow belly. Some have occasional white markings. Hatchlings, however, emerge as either sulphur yellow or even reddish-orange before changing to their adult g
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Behind The Scenes With An RSPCA Inspector
It takes a special type of person to become an RSPCA Inspector, so what attracted Ben to apply to take on the challenge? “After working many years within the government sector, I was after a bigger challenge and wanted to get more involved with anima
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Something to Tweet About
In July of 2019, we had the honour and utmost pleasure to spend some time at an incredible parrot welfare organisation in Denver, Colorado, USA: The Gabriel Foundation. Founded in 1996 by the wise and wonderful Julie Murad and named in honour of her