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Liquid Automation

There are two finalists in this CEDIA Awards category of Innovative System or Solution, which CEDIA defines as “a unique, innovative, or creative installation solution or use of technology that that meets the homeowner’s unique requirements”.

In the case of the project from New Zealand’s

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Sound and ImageLeitura de 2 minsPerforming Arts
Epson EH-TW7100
This is the first of two very different Epson projectors to appear in our awards this year, with the EH-TW7100 the more conventional of the two, yet still coming with a few surprises. It’s equipped with Epson’s 4K Pro-UHD feature, involving a dedicat
Sound and ImageLeitura de 2 minsComputers
BenQ GS2
Fancy a movie in your tent, or a binge on your bedroom wall? BenQ’s dinky and portable $1299 GS2 is ready to oblige. This is, as you can see, a very different design to the usual style of home projector. It’s near cubical, coloured a gentle tan, buil
Sound and ImageLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
McIntosh C53 / MC462
Spending time with a McIntosh amplifier at this level — ten bucks short of $36,000 the pair — is just a joy. McIntosh manages to maintain its amplifier ‘sound’ even with solid-state designs, the secret being what the company calls autoformers, simila