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Living with death is an odd experience. Awareness of the physical non-existence of a loved one colours almost every experience. One can accept and adjust, but the void remains.

And it is funny how the human

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Christmas Sparkle
A burst of red—glinting berries—rests on a bed of Himachal fir. At a cursory glance, the AD wreath might look like it’s been strung together with fresh foraged leaves and fruits—but not all is as it seems. A closer look reveals the precious, almost-h
Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 1 mins
If ever we wanted a cool, contemporary take on Christmas, this is not the year. No, we want tinsel, tradition and ribboned presents under the tree. This was the brief for the AD Christmas Wreath 2020 (pg 60), which also showcases the best of Indian c
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The Era Of Home
I’m telling anyone who will listen that we have entered The Era of Home. On Zoom webinars and in client meetings, I sound like a broken record as I pontificate that the world’s new obsession with home is beyond a trend with a buzzy label like nesting