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Living with death is an odd experience. Awareness of the physical non-existence of a loved one colours almost every experience. One can accept and adjust, but the void remains.

And it is funny how the human

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Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 3 mins
The Exhibitionist
As a chic Parisian boy of about 10, Christian Louboutin would walk to the galleries and aquarium at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in the French capital. “I would be confronted with that big, magnificent facade with its bas-relief work, walk through th
Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 4 mins
Max Vadukul
Here. From this angle. Look. You see? To have a full view of the open living room with the light pouring in, you have to be exactly at this point. It’s fantastic! Phenomenal!” Ask photographer Max Vadukul to show you his apartment, and this is the re
Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 3 mins
Björn Wallander
Björn Wallander’s cosy and peaceful apartment in Manhattan is situated in the 76-storey skyscraper that simply goes by the name, New York by Gehry. Unlike the looming building it is housed within, Wallander’s apartment is modestly sized, generously c