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Italian brand Visionnaire celebrated a double birthday at Salone and presented a range of surprises: a collectible book titled Decalogue; a photography exhibition; a video-art project; a ballet and a music show. It was not just a celebration, but a full

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Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 3 mins
André Fu
It’s a place of near-constant buzz, of bright city lights and a hyper-modern vibe that appears to perpetually crest the currents of heightened activity. André Fu’s idea of home in Hong Kong, however, exists in the slipstream of that ever-flowing wave
Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 2 mins
The Mood
I did an artwork exchange with Vishwa Shroff (thanks to TARQ) and received this lovely watercolour, graphite and ink piece from her Partywall Bombay series from 2019. I saw this pronto-plate lithograph on Fabriano paper by Ranjit Kandalgaonkar print
Architectural Digest IndiaLeitura de 2 mins
Lady Bharti
In the history of handbags, few have been as iconic or subjected to as many reimaginings as the Lady Dior. What was born as a little black, rectangular, boxy creation gifted to the late Princess of Wales in 1995 soon became a status symbol and a fash