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The Road and the Folding Bike


The man in the bike shop pointed me towards racing bikes with wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics and feather-light carbon frames. He showed me mountain bikes with bespoke suspension for shredding downhills. Until I explained my main technical specification: that it fit in my cupboard between the ironing board and a box of Christmas decorations. Only a

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Run This Town
@sainsburyb AS HEAVY DROPS OF SALTwater hit my face, the distinctive aroma of tobacco leaf drifts from the houses opposite and mixes with that of diesel fumes. A lone trumpeter sits on the seawall, unperturbed by the crashing waves, diligently practi
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Riding the Long Road
It wasn’t that I was a stranger to adventure. I had the good fortune of being born into a family that enjoys the road. I was weaned on road trips. In 1989, my parents bought a car in Delhi, a fire engine-red Maruti van, and we drove it back home to J
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More Reasons To Get Out There
GoAir has just launched new direct international flights to the island nation from Delhi and Bangalore. Introductory prices are currently on. The flight from Delhi will take off at 10.15am and reach Colombo at 2.10pm on all days except Wednesday, whi