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fter 33 years, Studio 52 at Johnston St Collingwood has closed and moved to newer, bigger and much greater facilities in Heidelberg, between Northland shopping centre and Latrobe Uni. For over a year the new Empire Music Studios have been built while Collingwood was running out of time, due for demolition to make way for ever more apartments. The first stage of Empire Music Studios opened in November: Studio 1, the new home of producer/engineer, Trevor Carter, along with Production Suite 1, an art and photography suite, event space, along with brand new bathrooms and kitchen. Now Studio 2 is complete. It is one of Melbourne’s largest recording spaces (~150sqm). The studio houses an amazing Yamaha C7 grand piano which has been completely refurbished — its one of the nicest pianos to record anywhere and plays beautifully. The studio includes monitoring by JBL, ADAM and EMES. By the end of 2020 Studio A will be complete. At a whopping 280sqm it’ll be suitable for an orchestral/

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Need To Know
$1199 CMI Music & Audio: (03) 9315 2244 or Quality preamps with heaps of gain Routing software is intuitive and comprehensive Two headphone outs would be nice Software allows only one cue mix Life is too short to use troublesome interf
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MEYER SOUND ULTRA-X40 Active Compact Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound Laboratories’ popular UPA speakers are retiring after a long and distinguished career as leaders of the professional mid-sized point-source class. The full-range passive UPA-1 was released in 1980 and was the first live speaker to use a t
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Mixing Synth Pop Synths
In the previous two parts of this series we went through my processes of mixing drums and mixing bass for synth pop. Having established the foundation of our mix with the drums and bass, we can now begin introducing the more atmospheric and harmonic