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TRAILLeitura de 1 minsDiet & Nutrition
Too Much Sugar Can Damage Stomach Lining
A study from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, found that mice fed diets high in sugar developed severe colitis by increasing harmful colon bacteria and decreasing healthful colon bacteria.3 The researchers fed mice various dietar
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Technical Descent
Otter record-holder TONI MCCANN knows a thing or two about descending. This young ASICS athlete has some sound advice for your next downhill. The one thing I learned racing post-injury, where my preparation included many hours on a Wattbike in a gym,
TRAILLeitura de 1 minsMedical
Losing Your Flow, And Landing In RED-S
It’s common for women athletes to lose their periods. Sadly, it’s sometimes celebrated. Losing your period due to training or a calorific deficit (and they very often go hand in hand) is a major red flag. Coaches and doctors should immediately seek t