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WALDORF Kyra £1749.00 STREET

If there’s one company that has a slight sense of the diverse, it’s Waldorf. With a legacy that extends back to PPG (the company that innovated and packaged the notion of the wavetable synthesiser), it’s hardly surprising that this sense of intriguing innovation resulted in one of the most sought after synths of recent times, in the shape of the Quantum. With its elegant interface, married with a large element of knob-per-function control, the Quantum has been hailed as something of a trailblazer, not least of all by us at MusicTech. So with a similar sense of anticipation, the Kyra is different and innovative yet again, with a unique sound engine which is heralded as the first of its kind.


The Kyra is a fairly hefty piece of desktop kit, in a keyboardless form, that’s going to take up a fair slab of desk space. Its 440x300mm chassis is a full metal design with the exception of the rather beautifully matched wooden end-cheeks, which are inset. It has substantial weight too, which might be partly due to the metal casing, with pots that feel substantial and very securely mounted.

The Kyra actually started life a few years ago without Waldorf involvement, first being shown as

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