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he most basic objective when mixing a record is to smooth out the perceived volumes and stereo balance of the individual sounds, with the aim being to create an even and balanced mix. Dynamics, equalisation and

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Full Circle
At the turn of the century, the most revolutionary innovation in music production came in sync with the increasing prevalence of home computers. With them, came the processing power to run more complex (and resource-hungry) digital audio workstations
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Capturing Your Hardware Synths in Logic Pro X
The renaissance of hardware synths over the past decade has offered producers a welcome break from working entirely within the virtual realm, making sound design an activity you can enjoy without the need for a mouse and keyboard. Once you’ve created
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AKAI MPK Mini MK3 £90
It was a sad day, in February 1986, when Linn Electronics closed its doors for the final time. The company had pioneered the concept of the sample-based drum machine, and had followed this up with a series of devices that took the company closer to r