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SOFTUBE Volume 3 $699


The huge plug-in bundle is a great concept – on the face of it, anyway. You get pretty much everything that one company has ever released (or, at the very least, some kind of ‘best of’) and the asking price is usually a great deal lower than the sum of its parts.

I first came across the concept with Komplete, Native Instruments’ delicious collection of instruments and effects, that is now pretty overwhelming in concept; and at well over a grand, is a big investment. Since then, I’ve looked at Arturia’s V Collection – a massive set of vintage keyboards – while other companies are now in on the act, including Steinberg with its Absolute Collection, Kilohearts with its vast collection of ‘Snapins’ and here, Softube with everything the company does within a collection simply called Volume.

Softube, in case you aren’t aware, makes everything software-wise: from emulations of classic outboard, through vast suites of modular synth components – within its ‘Modular’ ecosystem – and bespoke synths and drum machines, they’re all here…


Broadly speaking, Volume 3 is split into four areas: Instruments (featuring the Heartbeat

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