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OLYMPIA NOISE CO Patterning 2 £19.99


Patterning 2 from Olympia Noise Co offers a fresh and exciting way to program drums. It’s no secret that we have a fair few options to create beats: from entering MIDI data into a DAW or by playing drum notes live with a MIDI controller. Yet not everyone is adept at finger-tapping a 174bpm breakbeat loop, and inputting high-octane rhythms via MIDI isn’t the most fun activity.

Enter Patterning 2, an update to the original, released in 2015 and on many ‘best of the year’ lists. The concept encourages you to produce drums in a circular view, input primarily by finger. With a range of excellent apps already under its belt (Ribbons, dot Melody, Chordion), does ONC’s approach offer the creative spark and flexibility to produce intricate drum patterns?


Getting started is easy. Tabbed pages along the top guide you where to go and the

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