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Crafting the perfect low end for your mix is a tricky business. Go in too hot and your bass will swamp the mix, causing issues when it comes to the final mastering stages, or go in too cold and your track could sound thin and lack weight.

BASSROOM is like the plug-in equivalent of a thermometer that can

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Melodic Step Sequencing in Logic Pro X
The Step Sequencer in Logic Pro 10.5 has transformed drum programming in the DAW but it can turn its hand to unique melodic step treatments too. If you’re an adept keyboard player, it’s possible that Logic’s existing sequencing features combined with
Music Tech MagazineLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
BABY AUDIO Parallel Aggressor
Baby Audio’s inaugural plug-in I Heart NY was created while the company was finding its feet in the Big Apple. It’s fitting, then, that following its relocation to LA, Baby is revisiting that Five Boroughs-inspired spank machine and turning up the he
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EVENTIDE Blackhole Pedal
The recreation of hardware devices in software form has been a common practice for about 20 years – and several companies make excellent emulations of their own products in software form. However, the direction Eventide has taken here is slightly les