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BRAINWORX bx_oberhausen £229

Brainworx is a developer that has quickly built up a reputation for delivering outstanding software plug-ins. Up until now, it has specialised in signal processors like its bx_townhouse (based on a 1978 compressor from Townhouse Studios), guitar-amp simulators and channel strips (its SSL bx_consoles have been endorsed by the company that made the originals).

So when Brainworx decides to deliver an instrument based on a classic synth, you kind of have to stand up and take notice, especially when it employs the same Tolerance Modeling Technology used in those SSL consoles to model individual component characteristics. The new bx_oberhausen is based on a classic synth but adds a lot of 2019 extras, so is designed to bring you the best of both times. And it pretty much damn well delivers on the promise, too…


Bx_oberhausen not only

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