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Separate mixing from mastering

empting, isn’t it? There you are, working on a mix for hours and your ears need a boost. You’ve already turned the level to your speakers up several times that day but that final

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Six Tips For Working With Drum Samples
01 A sampler allows you to adjust the coarse tuning (in semitones) or fine tuning (in cents) of a loaded sound. Tune your drum samples to extremes for creative effects, or detune them over smaller scales to help gently pitch the hits to fit the other
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Fake Time Processing?
Most of the apps, plugins, and pedals we have discussed so far process your guitar signal in real time. That is, you play a phrase and hear it immediately with an effect modifying it. There may be a lag of a few seconds while waiting for a digital bu
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Iranian-born, London-based producer Amirali first made a name for himself in the earlier half of the last decade, releasing a cluster of infectious, synth-driven club tracks into the world with his Crosstown Rebels-released debut album, In Time. Afte