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THE STORY SO FAR: Dr Roopa Banerjee is a renowned specialist in sleep disorders with an impressive reputation as London’s only ‘sleep angel’. But she’s harbouring a secret. For years, she’s suffered from a recurring dream of her own, trapped in a house that she neither recognises nor understands. Desperate to make sense of the dream’s meaning, Roopa has worked with hundreds of clients, determined to discover any similarities between their dreams and her own. When Lena James enters her consulting room and begins to describe the exact same dream as hers, Roopa is stunned. Exhausted by lack of sleep, her impending marriage and a sense that she needs to atone for something, Lena is searching for answers. Dr Roopa Banerjee sets out to discover what the pair have in common and to find long-awaited answers for them both.

It was ridiculous to be this excited about a meeting, but Roopa just couldn’t help herself. She busied around the office, moving a small pile of papers on her desk twice, adjusting the desk lamp and twisting the blind that concealed the glass partition in her wall. Open. Shut. Half open. She just couldn’t keep still. But she really had to. People would notice. And besides, the last thing she wanted to do when Lena arrived for her appointment was to scare her away with her enthusiasm. Taking several deep breaths, she gave a half smile to the receptionist who stared at her through

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