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For trombone enthusiasts, the second decade of the new millennium has been a rich period. The list of emerging badasses includes Gianluca Petrella, Michael is impressive for its ambition and even more for its realization.

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Toshinori Kondo, a Japanese trumpeter who firmly established himself in the avant-garde and fusion scenes of the 1970s and ’80s, died in Kawasaki, Japan on Oct. 17. He was 71. Following a few years in the ensemble of free-jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashit
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The Mariel Bildsten Quintet
Backbone Outside In Ever wonder why studio dates so rarely capture the casual vibe of a late-night hit? Perhaps it’s the pressure, with the clock ticking away, or maybe it’s the circumstances surrounding a manufactured meeting set against sterile sce
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The Year In Review 2020: Top 50 Critics’ Picks
By now, jazz fans have come to expect marvels from Maria Schneider, but the scale and magnificence of Data Lords is exceptional even for her. A concept album split into two spheres, it wrestles with the key conflict of our time: the alluring, empty p