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Bringing the outside in

FEW projects transform a house as effectively as an oak-frame extension. For those looking to create new, versatile spaces, such as a living room, dining room, yoga studio or artists’ workshop, the possibilities are

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A Green Space
RICHMOND PARK is best known for its ancient oaks and its deer (more than 600 roam free), but, for floral eye-candy, it’s the Isabella Plantation you need. Camellias, magnolias, rhododendron, acers and witch hazels ensure year-round interest, but the
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Letters To The Editor
SOFT cooing notwithstanding (In the spotlight, April 21), the plague (correct collective noun) of Columba palumbus in our part of town makes its presence felt at this time of year by plodding around demolishing young crops or perching in fruit trees
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Mother And Son
In Betty and William Jacklin, of 1942, Laura Knight evokes images of the Madonna and child in a tondolike composition. Mother and son's closeness is intensified by the use of flattened perspective and soft brushwork for their complexions. Set against