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Where: Soldiers Point, Port Stephens, NSW

Rate: An additional $60 cleaning fee applies.

Services: Dogs are welcome throughout the resort.

Plus: Several off-leash zones in the surrounding area including Bagnalls Beach.

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Morgan Mcglone
I’m from a small town called Tokoroa. My parents owned a fish and chip shop called Tiki Takeaway, which they had for 10 years. Everyone drives straight through Tokoroa to Lake Taupoã, but they’d always stop at Tiki Takeaway for fish and chips. After
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Ben Shewry
I had a very rural, adventurous childhood. We didn’t have much money at all, but we never felt poor. We always had things to do, like whitebaiting, snorkelling for pãua, kina [sea urchin], mussels and pipis. Whitebait are endangered now, like any wil
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Beer Batter
Golden, light and wonderfully crisp, beer battered fish is a classic and delicious cooking technique that is easy to master – it just requires a bit of science. When the batter hits the hot oil, the carbon dioxide in the beer froths and expands, lift